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Pet Grooming ~
Dogs, Cats & More...


At Animal Magic, we offer professional pet grooming services whilst keeping prices competitive. We use a wide-range of grooming techniques and are dedicated to ensuring the satisfaction of both our customers and their furry friends!

For your reassurance, as well as health/safety and welfare considerations, cats are groomed in separate areas to dogs. Dogs are not caged unless they are aggressive towards other animals, in season, pregnant, or infested with parasites. We do not use cage driers but instead use hand-held and free-standing drying equipment.

***Unfortunately, due to the price increase of products, utility and running costs, we are having to increase the pricing of our grooming services - starting from £3 per dog/cat. While we understand that times are difficult at the moment, we haven't implemented a price increase since 2020 and have kept our prices as low as possible.***

Our parlour opening times are the following:

Tuesday to Thursday ~ 10:00-17:00

Saturday ~ 10:00-17:00

Collection and delivery service available at extra cost - see our prices page.


Contact us to speak to our team about your pets' specific grooming requirements.


Our grooming parlour is located at Unit 2, Rota House, Cowdray Avenue, Colchester, CO1 1YA.

  • All Breeds & Crossbreeds Welcome

  • Clipping & Trimming

  • Bath & Flea Treatment

  • Tick Removal

  • De-Matting

  • Nail Clipping

  • Anal Gland Expressing

  • Deep-Ear Cleaning

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  • All Breeds & Crossbreeds Welcome

  • Brushing / Dead Hair Removal

  • De-Matting

  • Nail & Pad Trim

  • Deep-Ear Cleaning

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Bunny in the Garden

We may be able to provide you with other grooming services for pets such as rabbits and guinea pigs...

Get in touch with us via our contact page and we can discuss options with you!

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