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It has been acknowledged for centuries that aquatic exercise benefits humans and horses. Until fairly recently, hydrotherapy has been proven to have positive effects on dogs. Swimming is a non-weight bearing exercise which aids many conditions by:


-Relieving pain and discomfort

-Muscle strengthening, maintenance and restoration

-Joint Mobilisation

-Improved Circulation

-Cardiovascular fitness

-Pre-/ Post-Operative Rehabilitation

-Weight Management

-Conservative Management of Clinical Conditions


Below is a list of conditions that hydrotherapy can assist (the list is not exhaustive):


-Hip and Elbow Dysplasia

-Cranial Cruciate Ligament Rupture

-Arthritis (osteo and rheumatoid)

-Fracture Repairs

-Spinal Myelopathy Conditions including degenerative, ischemic myelopathic disease and CDRM


-Spinal conditions including slipped discs


Our Pool


Animal Magic has a filtered 4ft deep pool with 2 adjustable anti swim power jets, and 2 air controllers which can be varied. It has a circulation pump, inline electric heater and jet pump. The water is heated between 26-29°C. To assist dogs in and out of the pool, there is ramp entry, hoist and assistance by experienced staff.


All swims are recorded for the safety of your dog and the pool water is tested and recorded throughout the day (3 times minimum) to ensure the chemical and pH balance are maintained at the correct levels.


We operate to the highest possible standards in:



-Veterinary communication

-Water quality


-Treatment Records


-Equipment Specification

-Electrical Installation & Safety (NIC Insurance)


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